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Professional Recess is a chance for nonprofit employees to get away and re-energize. All are welcome.

What takes place at Professional Recess:

  1. "Networking" (eating, drinking and lots of laughter) with other nonprofit professionals and learn about the career up close with a massage therapist. 
  2. "Learn Best Practices" (During our 15-minute workshops you can learn from an expert whether Floridian sand  is really like the sand in the Caribbean) 
  3. Attend the conference luncheon (the keynote speaker's topic is:  Nonprofit Employees and Stress Reduction--this one is kinda true, but we won't tell we'll probably we around a beach bonfire while listening)
  4. "Day of Service" (We love it! A nonprofit employee volunteering at another nonprofit) 


At NANPP, we thought we would let you get through the holidays and all the year-end activities we know is full on a nonprofit employees' plate before we start with the "register now." However, you can join our e-List and we will let you know when we have everything solidified for 2019. 

P.S. It's a bonafide business expense ask your CFO and HR, who is likely sitting at their desk this very moment trying to come up with "cost-effective" "wellness" ideas for employee wellness. We'll even put together a sample request letter for you to give to your supervisor if they need convincing you need to attend this conference. 

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