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"Thank you so much! This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for.
I'll implement your changes and really appreciate the time you took to review it." 

An Employee at the Chicago Zoological Society

Attract the Attention of Nonprofit Recruiters Seeking Great Applicants!

NANPP has experienced nonprofit human resources specialists on hand to help you create/upgrade a great resume and Linked In Profile specifically for the nonprofit sector. 
Let's Enhance Your Marketability! 

If you are not receiving contacts regarding your resume, you are trying to make a career change, or you want to impress a nonprofit employer, then contact us today for your resume rewrite and/or resume critique. 

How It Works 

We will assess your career progression, accomplishments, and objectives utilizing a consultative approach that leverages in-depth phone conversations, strategic questioning, and our unique data mining process to create cutting-edge, authentic, value-branded, personal marketing campaigns.
 Just for you.

Once you place your order, a specialist will contact you and discuss next steps, your career goals, and provide you with strategy tips. You receive a powerful and carefully crafted executive resume that commands a “must read.”  You don't have to go through your job search alone. We are here to help. Sign up below, or call NANPP for more information. 347-292-9920.

Affordable. Fast. Effective. 


Resume Critique - $20
We use a 10-point evaluation system. You receive a grade and suggestions for improvements. 

Entry-Level Resume - $25
Ideal for 
college students and new graduates. Candidates select this resume that focuses on coursework, internships, early experience and skill sets. We showcase what you've learned and combine it with what nonprofit leaders are seeking. We show off your new skills, and top-notch education with a professionally written resume.

Mid-Level Resume - $25
Geared for the professional who is seeking positions as nonprofit Specialists, Managers, and Directors who is not-quite executive, but rapidly moving in that direction. The resume will focus on your leadership and accomplishments. 

Executive Resume - $25
For clients seeking positions as an Executive Director, CEO, COO, CFO, CPO and other senior/-level positions. 

LinkedIn Profile - $40
Geared for clients seeking to redefine their professional brand, optimize your LinkedIn profile for top nonprofit jobs and expand your network. 

Add a Cover and Thank You Letter - $20
Cover Letter package includes: cover letter, customized thank you letter template, and your resume.

Call us: (347) 292-9920 | Email

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