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Young Professionals Council (YPC)

The nonprofit sector has a strong need to develop talented leaders is important. In particular, because so many of our leaders are baby boomers who are preparing for retirement. NANPP begins the recruitment and retention of the future nonprofit employee through our Young Professionals Council (YPC). The YPC is a network of young professionals dedicated to furthering the mission of NANPP through engagement, networking events, social outings, meaningful volunteer opportunities and fundraising. 

Members of the YPC must be:

18-30 years old.
Be a NANPP member in good standing. 
Willing to act as an advocate for NANPP in the community and through social media. Download an application to learn more. 

What the YPC offers: 

New opportunities to aid in your nonprofit career. 
Networking and travel events with other young professionals 
Mentoring opportunities for high school students.
Career planning assistance
Letters of Recommendations 
An opportunity to put a professional volunteer experience on your resume, and more! 

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