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If you are a nonprofit employee, who we refer to as a Nonprofit Pro, joining NANPP will help you!  

As a NANPP member, you will join the only national network that represents and connects nonprofit employees of all levels. 

The leadership and members of NANPP believe it is not only necessary, but imperative, there is a resource for people who wake up each day and take care of America’s communities. A place where our needs are met, and our interests as nonprofit employees are valued.

Whether you’re a working professional, new to the nonprofit sector, a student, recent graduate, retiree or a nonprofit consultant, NANPP membership provides you tangible resources and benefits to support you.

As a NANPP member, you'll receive access to targeted support and initiatives for nonprofit professionals including:

  • Networking events and Professional Recess travel opportunities
  • Peer support and mentoring opportunities
  • Recognition of member contributions to the field through an award ceremony
  • Daily Motivational to help you start your day on a positive note
  • Access to NANPP’s LinkedIn private online community where you can engage with the association, ask questions and share messages, and help with collaborations.
  • Opportunities for leadership on our Advisory Board 
Located inside the Member Center: 
  • Information for your wellness
  • Professional Development tools
  • Career Center – our exclusive workforce development area
  • Grants/Awards for nonprofit employees
  • Online e-Learning opportunities and information on certification programs
  • The NANPP Journal – our exclusive monthly newsletter
  • Nonprofit Podcasts and Videos 
  • Nationwide Nonprofit events 
  • Marketplace with group discounts and more!

Once you join online, you will be prompted to print your membership card and be granted immediate access to the Member Vault. 
We have to warn you, once you go in the vault you may be in there for quite some time, so plan accordingly. :-) 

“I think one of the greatest assets of NANPP is that there is one place for all the professional needs of nonprofit employees." Simone Joye, Board President

Take a moment and watch this great video from the Michigan Nonprofit Association. 

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